About Tony

Tony EdwardsA highly unusual PR campaign to publicise the arrival of a new Messiah in 21st century England was the theme for Tony Edwards’ first novel ‘Wilson Lacigam’s Bentley’ – published in 2002. But the subject was, perhaps, unsurprising as Edwards has spent most of his working life as a high-profile, original and inventive publicity consultant, bringing international fame to a little-known London side road known as Carnaby Street, helping to launch the so-called Kings Road ‘Swinging London’ of the 1960’s and 70’s, and ‘inventing’ the annual ‘Rear of the Year’ awards, which celebrate the top of the famous bottoms.

His second novel, ‘The Edge of the Sand’, is set in the 1970’s world of London ‘pop’ culture while novel number three, ‘Dark Glasses’ focuses on  the fake and fragile world of celebrity PR.   A fourth and most recent novel, ‘The Elders’, takes place in an economic down-turn where rising crime rates and a failing justice system motivate an older generation to try to take control of the streets.

Edwards is married with two sons and lives in a small Surrey village with his former-actress wife Greta. He is currently working on a new novel about today’s changing attitudes to concepts of law and order.