bentley-aWilson Lacigam’s Bentley

A very unspiritual London property developer is persuaded to sponsor a publicity campaign for a new ‘Messiah’ and his handbook for the soul, a small book explaining the universal rules of life and death.

The novel, published in 2002, is now out of print but continues to be available and very much in demand through second-hand books shops in the UK, Europe and the USA, where it has enjoyed something of a cult following.

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sandThe Edge of The Sand

Kindred spirits from different generations are brought together at a Surrey farmhouse. But it soon becomes clear that the unexpected meeting of two soul mates, out of step with time, is more than mere coincidence and their future together no simple accident of fate. Steeped in 1970’s ‘pop’ culture.

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darkgassesDark Glasses

When a fake but very public suicide fails to bring her fame, Lizzie Beckman appeals to her father’s publicity consultant to transform her into a celebrity. A series of publicity stunts place her firmly in the media spotlight but it’s not until her well-orchestrated disappearance in a hot air balloon that Lizzie’s career really takes off.

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theeldersThe Elders

Gerald Cornfield’s 60th birthday is a wake-up call which sets the mild-mannered, sub-post office manager off on a crusade to recapture the streets from the feral gangs who’ve raised two fingers to society and brought fear to the neighbourhood. It’s a tale of a ‘grey’ generation taking control of its destiny and making sure that its voice is heard in the corridors of power.

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