Pseudo Celebrity Support

Pseudo Celebrity Support

Like the left wing in Britain, Hilary Clinton’s Democrats in the USA relied heavily on the ‘flim-flam’ of celebrity links and endorsements to carry a fragile, pseudo message to the people. We saw it here first, at the last general election and during the Brexit campaign, when the likes of Bono, Geldof, Izard and the regiments of rent-a-star lefties turned-out to cheer-on politicians who were then roundly rejected by the people.

Trump played it solo – no super stars, no pop icons, no self-congratulatory hugs and kisses, and no support from President Obama who should, perhaps, have been back at the Oval Office doing the job he was paid for rather than proclaiming Hilary Clinton as the next President of the United States.

There’s a message there for all politicians. Don’t try to con the voters – they’re not as stupid as you appear to think. And who, after our last election, the Brexit result, and the US election, will EVER trust pollsters again? Not me.

  • 9 Nov, 2016
  • Posted by tony edwards
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