Lock-Down challenge

Lock-Down challenge

I’m planning to swim the English Channel – not literally you understand, but virtually.

Inspired by the host of ‘lock-down’ athletes who have run the equivalent of a marathon in their back yard, climed the dizzy heights of Everest on their stairs, and completed the Tour de France on an exercise bike in the attic, I plan to swim the Channel ‘virtually’ – in the bath.

I’m confident of breaking the current world record of just under 7 hours for the 21 miles Dover-to-Calais marathon by ‘swimming’ 18,500 lengths of my 2 yards long [in old money] bath – the equivalent of 36,960 yards or 21 miles.

But I won’t be covered in goose fat – or whatever those Channel swimmers slap all over themselves – opting, instead, for Dove shower mousse. And, because of space limitations in my bath, I won’t actually be doing the crawl or the breast stroke but will, instead, kick my legs up and down while splashing my arms about for half an hour each evening before bed-time.

I plan to pull the plug on my world attempt just before the end of bath 14, when I’ll have shattered the 7 hours record. Wish me luck.

Tony in Lock-Down.

  • 29 Apr, 2020
  • Posted by tony edwards
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